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From the Tortona Hills of Timorasso, Ghislandi offers spectacular “art wines”.

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From the heart of Tortona hills, home of Timorasso, in addition to the fine white Ghislandi offers a rich variety of reds: the main vine is Barbera, which the territory gives structure and longevity.
"Art" wines, created favoring the vineyard above all.

Paolo Ghislandi

Paolo Ghislandi

Paolo Carlo Ghislandi is an extraordinary experimenter, who prepares great wines at Cascina I Carpini at Pozzol Groppo. 50,000 bottles a year from ten hectares of vineyards on the Tortona hills. Ghislandi favors the generous nature of a ground that preserves the memory of the Mediterranean Sea and facilitates long aging. This explains the amazing results of its “Art wines” as the Timorasso “Brezza d’Estate” (summer breeze) and, always among white wines, the “Rugiada del Mattino” (morning dew) composed with grapes of Cortese, Favorita, Timorasso, Moscato and Malvasia. Remarkable also is the “Chiaror sul Masso” (flare on the boulder), an unfiltered sparkling Timorasso made by ripe grapes. From Timorasso grapes, Ghislandi also obtains a fine grappa named “Cinquantagradi”, while in the cellar are always evolving new creations, also developed with the employment of Freisa and Cabernet Sauvignon vines and unusual native ones as the Albarossa and Ancellotta.

Great the are the results obtained with the other main wine of Tortona hills, the Barbera, in its various forms, from “Sette Zolle” (seven plates) to the two Barbera Superiore “Falò d’Ottobre” (october bonfire) and “Bruma d’Autunno” (autumn mist). Complexity, elegance and softness explode even further in “La Fine del Mondo” (the end of the world), that’s an incredible Barbera obtained for the first time from the 2007 harvest of a vineyard dating back to 1926. The name jokingly evokes the Mayan prophecy of 2012, when “The End of the World” was finally bottled, after 5 years of aging in wood and steel.

«Making wine is an art form as well as a science», says Ghislandi. «I believe that some wines, sometimes they transcend. They reach that sort of Olympus where are all the great wines: there are all alike up there. They reached a so high level that it doesn’t matter anymore from which vine are originated, because they reach similar characteristics of magnitude regardless of the grapes from which they come from». Time is a key factor, and it’s different for each wine and each vintage. The two best vines in this hills are Barbera and Timorasso: «While Timorasso is the fortune of this area – explais Paolo Carlo Ghislandi – the greatest wine in my opinion is the Barbera, because here in our terroir – due to climatic conditions, the richness of the soil, the groundwater springs that flow beneath the earth – the wine acquires a longevity that is quite rare to obtain. And therefore, with this longevity we can afford to make evolutions with a vine that is not exactly known for being evolved».

Cascina I Carpini
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